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UAB "Movere" develops full and partial cargo transportation and forwarding in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The mission of Movere is to manage and strengthen the logistics position of its partners.

UAB "Movere"

A company providing local and international freight transport services. The company was founded in 2001 by Finnish companies Kemira GrowHow Oy and Movere Oy. The office of Movere UAB is located in Kėdainiai. The shareholder of the company is Movere Oy. The mission of Movere Ltd. is to manage and strengthen the logistics position of its partners. 

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Years of experience
Years of experience

For more than 22 years, we have been providing various types of transport services.

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Tonnes transported this year
Turnover € million

Our turnover increases by about 10% each year.

Directions for action

The main areas of development of UAB "Movere" are domestic and international freight transport by isothermal and awning machines. We specialise in the transport of agricultural produce on domestic and international routes.

Trust us :
Trust us :

Focus on the customer

We will help you solve your most complex problems and offer you the optimal logistics solution at the optimal price! In order to provide efficient customer service, we assign a dedicated manager to each customer, ensuring that we are attentive to each customer's needs and adapt to their working methods.


A team of specialists to help you here and now!


A responsible approach to every transport.

TRIS system

Movere has implemented a tailor-made IT application (TRIS) for our customers and partners, which will always provide you with timely and accurate information about the progress of your order, the movement of your cargo and the time of delivery. 

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Always ready to help!

Movere UAB has a professional and experienced team of staff with extensive experience in managing and executing order processes. For 22 years we have been working responsibly and taking an individual approach to each transport. Our team will ensure flexible process management, adherence to the latest security requirements, professionalism and customer care, which are the qualities that best describe the company's team of specialists.

Giedrius Keršis


Ričardas Juodeika

Logistics Unit

Inga Jačunskienė

Head of Logistics

Vaida Pikeliene

Chief Accountant

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